Do you experience any of these symptoms?

 Weight gain

Sleep disturbances

Hot flushes 

Mood swings

Low energy

Brain fog

Anxiety or loss of self confidence

Joint stiffness or pain

Loss of Libido

Loss of pelvic floor strength

If you do its very possible you are peri menopausal or menopausal.

There is no need to suffer in silence, there is so much that we can do to improve your quality of life by reducing or in some cases eliminating some  of these symptoms.

I have made it my mission is to support, educate, and offer solutions for dealing with the symptoms of peri and post menopause. Providing one on one remote discussions to provide the best evidence based approach for lifestyle, general health, treatment options, and preventative measures to take you well equipped into your 3rd Age.

Ruth Keat - Founder of Peri and Post Menopause Wellness Coaching

Ruth Keat - Founder of Peri and Post Menopause Wellness Coaching

I am a globally certified Wellness Specialist Coach in peri and post menopause. Recently retiring from 35 years experience as a clinical Nurse specialist and Director in Reproductive technology. 

Member of Australian Menopause Society
Member of European Menopause Society

Member of Australian Continence Foundation 

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What People Are Saying About Ruth

I am super pleased to be on the right road to simplifying my hormonal imbalances as natural and safe as possible….I’ve have hormonal imbalances and weight gain in the past 7 months and no doctor can help me.  Ruth, you  are changing lives everyday and you should be proud

Emma - Australia

We are all so blessed to have Ruth to guide us and our squad and keep us on track with her guidance and wisdom.

Jill - USA

It was so informative and very important information for our actual and long term health issues. Many thanks to Ruth for sharing her knowledge on this topic that we unfortunately don’t hear enough about.
WOW! How lucky we are!

Lucie - Canada

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